The Hongtai Techology Development company is a manufacturing holding company that includes a number of enterprises producing chemical products for various industries, such as oil refining, petrochemicals, mining and processing plants, the coal industry, as well as the production of special chemicals of high purity used in nuclear power plants. industry. The products of our factories are of high quality. We take an individual approach to the needs of our Customers. Thanks to the well-established logistics system, we ensure timely delivery, as well as technological support of the products we supply. Our company takes good care of the environment; all enterprises have the most modern means of monitoring the state of ambient air, as well as effective treatment facilities. A well-functioning quality control system allows us to successfully compete in the global market. Our mission is to be the most efficient company for our Customers while preserving the environment!
1.1 Hydrocracking catalysts
Our company's product line includes more than 30 brands of catalysts, which are designed for various hydrocracking technologies, processing various types of raw materials and obtaining target products. They have a high degree of conversion, good selectivity and a long service life.

1.2 Diesel fuel hydrotreating catalysts
Diesel fuel hydrotreating catalysts provide a high yield of diesel fraction of 98-99%, as well as a sulfur content of less than 10 ppm, increasing the increase in cetane number to 3 points. They have a long service life.

1.3 Diesel fuel hydrotreating catalysts with dewaxing
Diesel fuel hydrotreating catalysts with dewaxing provide a reduction in the pour point of diesel fuel by 20-350C depending on customer requirements for the final product, as well as a sulfur content of less than 10 ppm, increasing the increase in cetane number to 2-3 points.

1.4 Continuously Regenerating Reforming Catalysts
Continuously regenerating reforming catalysts have improved coke selectivity, resulting in increased performance and high stability, resulting in longer service life and longer service life. Provides improved conversion, selectivity and overall yield of high-octane gasoline.

1.5 Reforming catalysts with periodic regeneration
Reforming catalysts with periodic regeneration have good physicochemical properties, high strength, catalytic activity, selectivity, stability, and excellent regeneration ability. The service life is at least 5 years.
2.1 Methanation catalysts
Methanation catalysts produced by our company are designed for fine purification of hydrogen-containing gases from carbon oxides and can be used in other hydrogenation processes. They ensure the content of carbon oxides in the synthesis gas is less than 5 ppm during the entire period of operation, and can withstand short-term overheating up to 550°C without reducing activity.

2.2 Catalysts absorbing hydrogen sulfide
Our company produces a wide range of hydrogen sulfide absorbers. We can produce catalysts directly according to the technical specifications of our customers, directly based on their requirements and conditions of the production process.

2.3 Ethylene polymerization catalysts
For the polymerization of ethylene, our company produces catalysts composed of titanium tetrachloride and one of the cocatalysts: diethylaluminum chloride, ethylaluminum dichloride, triethylaluminum or triisobutylaluminum.

2.4 Catalysts for the production of sulfuric acid
Our company's catalysts for the production of sulfuric acid are vanadium catalysts. All of them contain about 10% V 2 O 5, up to 60% SiO 2, up to 10% K 2 O, the rest is sulfates and minor impurities.

2.5 Ammonia synthesis catalysts
The main component of catalysts commonly used for ammonia synthesis is magnetite (Fe3O4). Their catalytic activity, even in reduced form, appears only at high pressures and temperatures.
The promoters are the oxides Al2O3 and K2O.

2.6 Catalysts for methanol synthesis
Methanol synthesis catalysts produced by our company are mixtures of zinc and chromium oxides and are designed to carry out the synthesis process under pressure from 250 to 350 atm at temperatures of 320-400 °C. This process of methanol synthesis is called the high pressure process.
3.1 Pyrogenic silicon dioxide (SiO2)
This product improves the purity of silicon, adopts the gel process, optimizes the production equipment and production process, so that the product has better particle size distribution, effectively improves the matting efficiency, and the transparency of the product is also greatly improved. The refractive index of matting powder is improved, which makes the refractive index of powder and resin closer, and also very easy to disperse under extremely unfavorable conditions, which is more conducive to the use of matting agent to adjust the dull shape. To ensure good compatibility of this product with various water-based resins, a special processing technology is used, which provides a good anti-sediment effect.
3.2 Diethylzinc
Primary uses of diethyl zinc are in the polymerization of olefins, high-energy aircraft, and missile fuel and in the production of ethyl mercuric chloride.
3.3 Technical zirconium tetrachloride (ZrCl4)
used like this:
• In the production of enamels and surface treatment products;
• Production of fire-resistant coatings;
• The substance is used in synthesis, isolation of components, and analytical chemistry.
• Precursor to most organic zirconium compounds.
• Synthesis of inorganic zirconium compounds and catalyst in the reaction of organic substances
• High purity zirconium precursor with nanoparticles.
Our company’s production facilities produce a wide range of anionic and cationic flocculants, as well as coagulants for various industries. Such as Oil refining, mining and processing plants, Coal, Oil production and others. Our specialists select reagents directly for each enterprise and provide technological support for the products we supply.
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